Picture back from 2012 when ThinkMaze was started.

Hi, my name is Igor Donkov, I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ThinkMaze is about creating and sharing, best possible mazes on the web. 
While there are many mazes online, I wanted to offer something different, create better, quality mazes, mazes which you can truly enjoy. Free mazes for kids and adults, to print out, to have fun yourself or with your family.
You can get commercial licences at affordable pricing

The Story

ThinkMaze actually started long time ago,  it was in my primary school, when I first started drawing mazes for my classmates. Although they were nothing like today, it was a start.
Much later I redraw a couple of them, some of which were sold to a local children newspaper agency
Later all of those mazes I spent so much time working on, ended in my basement. It was too bad to just leave them there, so I decided to share them through the web with YOU!
I did a lot of work as a graphic designer, where I got experienced with design, illustration, and many other things.
Here is a short video of how the logo was created. Click to see the process. Note: Very old video, one of my first  ;)
Enjoying mazes?

Consider making a small donation.

All mazes are FREE (in a "Save As" picture format) so children around the world can have fun. A small donation will help the page going, making it possible for others to enjoy the free mazes also.
It might even motivate me to create more NEW mazes ;)
Maze reviews

Will you publish more mazes someday? They are the best I have ever seen.”
- Claudia C.
“Very clever and attractive mazes. Great job!”
- Roger
Thank you for these lovely mazes.”
- Mina
I love it.”
- Jackie
- Miguel P.
“Thanks for your maze! I know they are always under-appreciated. So let us give thanks.”
- JJ. Kin
“Thank you. My students love it.”
- Naj
“Gimme the solution. I have exhausted all my resources, I am 35 and took out a second mortgage on my home in pursuit of the answer for this maze.”
- Caleb M.
“Thank you! My grandchildren love mazes!”
- Joyce Ann W.
“Thank you for creating these mazes. My son enjoyes them.”
- Ria
“Thats so good and you are the best.”
- P.A. Paveethra
“Great puzzles.”
- Mike
“Molto bello!!!!”
- Caterina A.


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